4 Reasons To Show Customer Appreciation Through Cards

Through Cards

The internet has changed so much about how businesses operate. Information can be shared in a flash through an email or other type of messaging service. This has changed the way people and businesses show appreciation for one another. Instead of sending corporate Christmas cards with lovely imprints and carefully chosen messages, words are hastily added to the end of business emails. 

There is benefit in keeping traditions, and handwritten expressions of thankfulness are one your business should continue to practice. 

Through Cards

1. Cards Bring Joy to Givers and Receivers

Most people can still remember Christmas cards hung on display as a symbol of honor. It’s an honor to be recognized by family, friends, and other businesses. The sender recognizes this honor and hopes to share it through the giving of cards.

Whether you display your cards over the fireplace or hang them outside your office door, having the ability to later glance through and re-read their messages can brighten any day. By sending a card, you are bringing this same type of joy to others. 

2. Personalized Messages Express Gratitude

Cards are the perfect expression of gratitude. Taking the time to include a handwritten message is a practice that has fallen out of favor in recent decades.

In fact, in many schools across the country children no longer learn to write in cursive as the expectation is they will always have a keyboard. This leaves handwritten messages as an endangered art form that is all the more cherished when received by the giver.

Your handwritten message on the inside of carefully chosen corporate Christmas cards says you took the time to write it because the receiver was worth the time. 

3. Cards are Tangible Proof of Relationships

Many people don’t think of cards as treaties, but they really are like miniature treaties of peace and friendship. They tell everyone who reads them that a relationship exists between these two businesses, or this business and this customer, and the hope for the coming year is that the relationship continues. After all, you don’t send cards to people you don’t wish to continue a business relationship with. 

4. Some Traditions Are Worth Saving

The last reason to send cards to everyone you’re thankful to for their part in your business’s good fortune is that it’s a long-standing tradition. The first cards were sent during the Victorian era in London by those who wished health and happiness to their colleagues and neighbors. In a world that continues to grow toward impersonal relationships built through computer monitors, be the business that strives to keep those relationships close and cherished. 

Where To Purchase Corporate Christmas Cards

Whether you want to express gratitude or simply say “hello,” let Cards for Causes help you find the perfect greeting for your situation. While giving any card is a shared expression of joy, the best part of purchasing cards from Cards for Causes is knowing that 20% of every sale goes to the charity of your choosing. Let your customers know how much you care for the success of others not only through giving but by taking the time to send a card.