As Dubai is a popular tourist and business destination, service apartments in Dubai are becoming an increasingly popular choice for people from all over the world. These apartments and villas may include the lavish Port De La Mer apartments for sale, as these apartment units are self-catering and provide the most facilities in your homes, including lavish kitchens, TVs, internet and washing machines.

Many hotels offer service apartments in Dubai, however, if you want a more permanent stay, one in the residential complex could be selected. The above are fully fitted apartments for short or long-term stays with laundry and dry cleaning appliances, high-speed and broadband internet. They are also fully fitted with everyday appliances including cutlery, curtains and linens.


The most significant thing about serviced apartments is that they deliver an inexpensive home apartment for occupancy with several advantages compared to conventional hotels. While a room in the hotel will consist of pretty much one room and an attached bathroom, serviced apartments will consist of studios (sleeping and living accommodations in one room), a single, a double or a three-bedroom, depending on your preferences.

These independent apartments provide a great deal of versatility when it comes to food for many travellers and tourists. You can prepare meals at home rather than ordering or eating from some restaurant, as the apartments have the facility of a microwave oven, stove, and a decent kitchen. This is an excellent way to save travellers money on a tight budget or families with children who might find a major drain of food on their wallets.

Here are some of the serviced apartments that are top of the list in Dubai.


In an unbeatable spot, the Dubai Marina is your best bet for good, affordable furnished apartments. The port offers convenient access to many renowned monuments, such as the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab and several prominent malls like the Emirates Mall and the Dubai centre, offering the services of a large number of foreigners. It is packed with cafés, restaurants and hotels and provides spectacular views of the area. The Residences Nuran Marina Serviced offers outstanding accommodation in Dubai at competitive rates.


The DIFC is the financial centre for Dubai and a place for most business and financial travellers in Dubai. DIFC is the capital of Dubai. The Hotel and Suites Al Murooj Rotana is ideally situated for easy access to this bank hub and is a few minutes from the Convention Center and World Trade Centre.


If you need to be close to both Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City technology hubs, Barsha will provide you with a convenient, peaceful atmosphere for residents, migrants and travellers alike. The group is also renowned for its more affordable options, such as the Dunes Hotel and Auris Boutique Hotel Apartments, offering luxury living at low prices. It has access to a variety of the super luxurious hotels in the emirates, including the Ibis Al Barsha Hotel.


In Dubai’s heart, Deira is a popular destination for Dubai’s migrants, as its mid-range dining resorts and residential complexes offer affordable accommodation and food. Situated near the Deira City Center Mall and a few minutes by taxi from the Dubai International Airport, the City Seasons Suites provide conveniently-served apartments with access to other facilities, such as aromatherapy, reflexology and the hotel’s in-house therapists.


Shoreline Hotel Apartments offers luxurious living rooms with breathtaking panoramic views over Dubai and the Burj Al Arab for visitors who can’t leave Dubai without experiencing the beauty of the world-famous, man-made Palm Jumeirah Islands. Five minutes away from the Atlantis Hotel, you can find plenty of children’s attractions, such as theme parks, water sports and aquariums. The Palm is conveniently linked with the mainland by a tunnel and a bridge and is the perfect place for those who want a Dubai-unique experience.


  • The low-cost furnished apartments are a big advantage for business travellers who freely visit the city for meetings and seminars. This is also an economic choice for the organisation since it does not need to purchase and maintain a property in the area.
  • People who want to move to Dubai will benefit from a short term rental that is a convenient base for their stay.
  • Apartments furnished are a unique boon for children. There is a range of options for children’s-friendly housing, providing safe play areas and child safety initiatives.
  • For people looking to share a room, such as backpackers or visitors who pass through, you can share a serviced apartment, which is much cheaper than the renting of individual rooms in a hotel.

If you are in Dubai for work, pleasure or longer stays, Dubai’s serviced apartments are available throughout the city and have a range of amenities to satisfy both budget and lifestyle requirements. You can also check the District One Villas for sale in Dubai, as they are exactly up to the expectations in a very reasonable price range.