Garage Door Spring Repair: Common Mistakes to Avoid

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Garage door springs are an essential part of the door’s opening and closing function. Over time, springs can fatigue and break down, requiring garage door spring repair. However, it’s important to avoid common mistakes when attempting DIY spring repair that could result in injury. Let’s look at some key mistakes to avoid.

garage door spring repair Windsor

Working Without Proper Tools and Safety Equipment

Replacing garage door springs is dangerous work requiring the right tools and safety gear. Never attempt spring repair without gloves, safety glasses, and tools like a winding bar and torque wrench. Springs under high tension can snap violently and cause serious injury if not handled properly.

Installing the Wrong Spring Type

It’s critical to install the proper spring type, size, and gauge suited for your specific door’s weight and design. Installing springs that don’t match your door’s specifications can lead to issues like doors not operating smoothly or springs breaking prematurely. Consult your owner’s manual or contact a pro like Windsor Door for the right spring type.

Failing to Secure Springs During Installation

Partially installed springs still under tension must be securely locked in place before moving to the next step. Not properly securing springs leaves your hands vulnerable if they slip off the winding bars. Use locking pliers to clamp springs safely as you work.

Not Following Proper Winding Procedures

Springs must be wound in the proper direction and correct number of turns as specified for your door model. Over-winding or under-winding can cause imbalance or failure to function correctly. Always double check winding instructions.

In summary, garage door spring repair seems simple but requires caution to avoid injury. Always use proper safety gear, install the correct springs, securely clamp parts as you work, and follow winding instructions to the letter. For best results, consider a pro like Windsor Door for no-hassle garage door spring repair.


How can I tell if my springs need replacing?

Signs include springs that are rusty, misaligned, making noise, or if the door is difficult to operate.

Is spring repair difficult for a DIYer?

Yes, it requires expertise to install springs safely under high tension. Consider a pro for peace of mind.