3 Things Your Garage Door Won’t Tell You


Your garage door is a big investment that probably doesn’t get the attention it deserves. While your garage door may seem like a simple appliance, there’s actually quite a bit of technology and safety features built into them. Here are three things you should know about garage doors:


1 – Your garage door can save your life

If you’ve ever used a garage door opener, you’ve probably been hesitant or concerned about the object that’s just a few inches from your face. While garage doors are considerably safer than they used to be, there is still a potential danger if a garage door opens while you’re working underneath it. The best way to avoid this type of incident is being prepared and knowing how garage doors work. Garage door levers typically have two settings: up and down. If you set the garage door lever to down, it will automatically stop if it encounters an obstruction.

2 – The garage isn’t just for cars

Even though garage doors were originally invented to accommodate cars and other types of vehicles, these days, they’re often used as garage storage spaces or workshops. If you’re using your garage for more than storing your car, make sure to clean up regularly and remove any unnecessary items to avoid garage door malfunctions.

3 – Reprogramming garage doors is tricky

Garage door remotes are extremely convenient, but they can be expensive to fix if they malfunction or stop working. If your garage door remote isn’t working, you may be tempted to try reprogramming it. While garage door remotes are extremely convenient, garage doors can be tricky to re-program. Garage door remotes typically come with a set of instructions that explain how to reprogram garage door openers. If your garage door opener doesn’t have these instructions, it’s best to contact a garage door repair Portsmouth VA technician for help.